The inner and the outer wheel having a cone-shaped section do compression and extension each and simultaneously, the contact part of the inner and the outer wheel does frictional works. The ring spring uses elasticity and frictional force of the inner and the outer wheel. The load-displacement relationship of the ring spring shows a clear hysteresis because energy loss becomes big due to friction of the inner and the outer wheel. This hysteresis phenomenon is different according to the number and the shape of the contact part so a change in the spring constant of the ring spring can be obtained by increasing/decreasing the number of rings and by changing the shape,


For shock-absorbers of industrial equipment and of iron rollers

Major Materials for Ring Spring
KS(Korea)Standard JS(Japan)Standard DIN(Germany)Standard Available Springs
SPS 6 SUP 10 50 Cr V4 Ordinary Use
SPS 5A SUP 9A 55 Cr 3 Low Class
  • Any other material than described above can be used for special purpose.
  • You are recommended to discuss with the engineers of Daewon Spring for the design and the material of springs
Records of Specification in Ordering Ring Spring
Classification Special Requirements Remarks
Material in use Ordinary SUP 10 Choose the material based on the manufacturer's
standards unless specified otherwise
Outer Ring A1 mm * The manufacturer can voluntarily change the specifications
for the spring, considering the features of the spring,
A2 mm
A3 mm
T1 mm
Inner Ring B1 mm
B2 mm
T2 mm
Half Ring C1 mm
C2 mm
C3 mm
T3 mm
Free height in
case of
combination (LO)
Angle of inclination of
the contact part (a)
Designation of
spring features
Height Load Management is done based on the manufacturer's reference
kgf value in case there is no designated height and load
mm kgf
Positive number of
the spring
Spring hardness
after heat treatment
HRC42 ~ 47 Management is done based on the manufacturer's standards
Surface treatment Natural Color Coating with rust preventive oil
Use or conditions for use Record of Use Condition Indicate use, conditions for use, and environment for use